Jurassic World: O Mundo Dos Dinossauros

Dinosaurs are back from a Hollywood extinction, with the enigmatic 90s theme park re-opening to the public. At Jurassic World, it’s all fun and games until someone leaves the gate open.

Jurassic World harnesses cutting-edge technology to bring the prehistoric back to the silver screen in an ultra-modern park: jeeps are replaced by motorised bubbles, velociraptors can be trained by humans, and scientists create super-dinosaurs.

The film is brilliantly-presented, with gentle nods to the original film (including some original, but minor, cast members), but Jurassic World does play out as a somewhat desperate attempt to squeeze a few last (billion) dollars from beasts that no longer frighten audience the way they did in the 90s.

While it’s not as scary as the original, there’s plenty of death, destruction, and bad guys – keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat.

At times, the storyline and acting are overcooked to the point of being downright ridiculous, but for fans of the original film, it’s a must-see.


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