Vegan Beauty Store
“There is an internal voice that claims for the restauration between humans and the environment. I am done with the lack of information and the manipulation of our communication.”


Those words weren’t spoken by Jessica Alba or a magnet in the innovation of health and beauty products. They came from Nathalia Rotsztejn, the founder of Vegan Beauty. A designer by trade and free spirit in life, this young entrepreneur is one to watch for in the natural healthcare market.


As a trailblazer she is not looking to create something that is already out there but yes to bring a new line of products formulated locally and naturally, to a market that is not necessarly familiar with the importance of organic substances in our body care regiment. When speaking to Rotsztejn, one of the most impressive things I noticed is that she is able to instantly educate a new client with very simple facts that most of us should already know. But being the skeptic that I am I had to test out the product for myself. I went ahead with the natural deodorant, after putting on a new white shirt of course (I wouldn’t forget to check for that stain that many deodorants leave and end up ruining business and regular shirts. The texture was new and different, I was caferul to apply just enough (the product can change texture depending on the temperature). During the day I felt dry and protected as I should, and in fact, I didn’t even think about it much. After arriving home 16 hours after applying product I was pleasantly surprised to see that no stain was left on the shirt and the it did more than its job! From now on it is the only deodorant I use.


At Mizarelli Productions we love to work with companies that share the same values as we do. Vegan Beauty is not only a brand to watch out for, but also a line of products that may help to change the way people think and feel about their bodies and health. Please see more about the company’s product line on instagram @veganbeautystore_ and on FB at The owner herself will also be displaying her line at Encanta Rio from 1:00PM until 10:00PM this September 7th, please log on Facebook for additional details.


Be sure to check out this unique and healthy line. At Mizarelli we approve this brand.


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