From her days as a stand up comedian to her life as the queen of Netflix, Chelsea Handler has come a long way. Chelsea is an incredibly beautiful and intelligent woman that managed to climb to the top and became the first woman to successfully host a late night television show in the history of television. With her witty on the spot comments she puts comedians like Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien to shame.
Recognized by the tycoons in the industry, Chelsea made E! Entertainment the home of her show for 7 years until she decided to leave and develop her own series on Netflix.


Abandoning the old late night talk show format was more difficult than imagined. After starting on Netflix, ratings began to sink and we began to forget why we fell in love with this funny, smart and risk taker in the first place. The audience is attracted to her because she is willing to take shots at anybody, including her bosses. After a little struggle she has now managed to bring more than just comedy to the small screen, she interviews guests that actually matter versus the Kardashians of the world. Delivering information to the masses while bringing out a laugh can be difficult but in small steps she is getting there.


Today no topic is off hand and her show has become a tool for millenials to get information in a slightly more informal setting and free of limitiations setforth by cable TV. With a more global reach on the Netlfix platform she is now bringing guests that attract a more diverse audience. One of the most famous Brazilizan stars in the world Wagner Moura graced her show last week where he managed (****SPOILER ALERT****) to accidently spill the beans on the ending of his hit series Narcos. Moura let the cat out of the bag and told a shocked audience that Escobar will in deed die on top of a roof at the end of season 2. But come on, who can blame the guy? We all knew it was coming. He could benefit from a little bit of media traning, that is, if he can find the time in between all of the projects he is working on. His award winning performance in Narcos has sky rocketed him to fame making him the second most famous Brazilian TV/Entertainment personality, only behind Gisele Bündchen.


By avoiding silly games and bids, Handler has been able to captivate a more well rounded audience that is actually interested in the content presented. However, her constant bragging in regards to her “new” lifestyle has been a bit of a turn off for many. We all love a rags to riches story but it is important for her to remember why her die hard fans adored her in the first place. Having received free reign from producers Handler goes all over the world exploring issues ranging from immigration to technology development and politics. While not afraid to go against the opinions of a guest at times, she has come across as slightly offensive, visibly upsetting the person being interviewed. Being a guest pleaser is obviously not her objective, getting the information across and bringing up topics that matter is what her new show is all about. She is sure to continue breaking boundaries (with the help of her sidekick Chunk) and will help many to see the world through new eyes, like it or not. The show is available three times a week only on Netflix.

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