La Bicyclette

This relaxed little café is the perfect spot for a bite to eat, before or after a weekend stroll around the Botanic Gardens.

It punches above its weight for the quality of its menu, with an extensive list of breakfast options (try the La Bicyclette smorgasbord: a croissant or pain au chocolat, breads with ricotta and jam, granola with fruit and yoghurt, juice and a hot drink for $R48).

La Bicyclette also offers myriad options for sandwiches and tarts, plus a selection of counter food.

Sadly, we were disappointed that a number of menu options were unavailable during our visit – and that the lattes were actually cappuccinos, while the service lacked coordination and efficiency.

However, the café is a great way to top off a visit to the impressive outdoor space.

La Bicyclette, Jardim Botanico –

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